IT Infrastructure for Pharmaceutical Campus

Role on the project

I was appointed by Bristol-Myers Squibb as Acting IT Operations Manager in charge of the delivery and commissioning of IT services for their largest Irish bulk manufacturing pharmaceutical campus. I was responsible for the design and implementation of IT Services and Network infrastructure for their flagship facility in Cruiserath Ireland. The campus spanned a 100 acre site and the overall cost of the Cruiserath project was circa $500 Million USD.

Project Successes

  • Designed the IT infrastructure for the campus including all network infrastructure, fibre, switches, firewalls, routers, servers, HVAC and power requirements.
  • Selected vendors through tendering process for the supply and installation of fibre, switch, data centre services and IT equipment.
  • Liaised with stakeholders during the project to insure that IT services were correctly located throughout the building and that none of the building works would have any negative impact of the operations of the IT services.
  • Responsible for the complete cycle of IT services from the construction phase over to the go-live manufacturing state of the plant’s IT systems.
  • Owned the validation and certification process for the IT infrastructure services to the required pharmaceutical compliance standards.

Technologies Used

  • Dual star Cisco catalyst 6500 core switches in each DC providing fully redundant dual star topology to all services and utilities operation on the campus.
  • Dual Data centres located on campus with placement as far as possible from each out without presenting any other risks such as security or unauthorised access.
  • Redundant Power Systems and environmental and temperature control systems.
  • HP Servers and Cisco Switches and Firewalls, multiple tape backup robots for data security.
  • State-of-the-art CCTV and communications system for the entire campus.