Global Petrochemical to AWS Virtual Private Cloud

Role on the project

I was the AWS Lead engineer working with a global petrochemical extending their traditional data centres into Amazon's Public Cloud. The scope of this project was considerable as the client organisation migrated significant workloads from on premises data centres and other hosting environments and consolidated these into their AWS VPC environment.

Project Successes

  • The client had initially implemented an Amazon VPC but had not sized it adequately to host the services they wanted to deploy. I worked with the client's IT engineering team to build a new Amazon VPC that was fit-for-purpose and built the virtual interconnects to join the separate VPCs seamlessly.
  • Assisted the client migrate on premises Microsoft / Active Directory components of their traditionl infrastructure into the AWS Cloud.
  • Provided architectural advice on migrating legacy applications with specific redundancy requirements and provisioned staging / PoC environments ahead of migration for test purposes.
  • Trained the client's IT support teams on Cloud failure and troubleshooting.
  • Key point-of-contact for the client's management team and CTO providing advice and pre-emptive capacity planning for upcoming projects.